Anna Orozco

I am Anna Orozco, and I was introduced to Resurrection Beach MCC in March of 2009 as a guest of a neighbor. I was overwhelmed to receive communion my first night, and it was my first time in an MCC church!! I joined the church in just a few short weeks as a proud member in April 2009. I was elected to the Board of Directors in 2010 and remained thru 2011. In 2012 I was needed out of state and was in Washington State for 3 months. During my absence, I truly missed my family at Resurrection Beach MCC, and I could not wait to return to RBMCC. In 2018, I was again elected to the Board of Directors, and I serve proudly as a member. My passion is to welcome all God’s people regardless of sexual orientation or anything. You see I am straight, and I am welcomed, loved, affirmed, accepted for WHO-I-AM and AS-I-AM!! I am so thankful for this church. It means everything to me. It has made me a much better servant of God in any way I can. Being here at Resurrection Beach MCC has inspired my health, wellness, self-esteem, and happiness!! I AM PROUD TO BE ME and TO HELP OTHERS IN ANY WAY I CAN with GOD’S GUIDANCE!!