Anna Orozco

<p>I am Anna Orozco, and I was introduced to Resurrection Beach MCC in March of 2009 as a guest of a neighbor. I was overwhelmed to receive communion my first night, and it was my first time in an MCC church!! I joined the church in just a few short... </p>

Michael Southerland

<p>My name is Michael Southerland, and I currently serve as Vice Moderator and Clerk of the Board of Directors. I have been a member of RBMCC for 3 years and a member of MCC churches for 11 years. My passion is to help those who are hurting and in need.... </p>

Robert Leidner

<p>I am Robert Leidner, and I have been an active member of Resurrection Beach MCC since the 1990’s.  In my earlier years, I was involved in providing food for the fellowship after the service.  I was active in assisting with the AIDS Team Ministry (ATM), a joint ministry with the... </p>

Charles Curtis

<p>Hi my name is Charles Curtis.  I first attended Resurrection Beach MCC back in 1993 when it was known as Ocean of Life MCC.  I had been invited by a Lesbian couple I worked with.  For whatever reason at that time, I guess I just was not interested in church,... </p>

Jon Ryalls

<p>I have been with Resurrection Beach MCC since November 2017. I found Resurrection Beach MCC while searching for a church that I would feel comfortable in and welcomed. I have been on a personal journey to connect more with God and found comfort in the fellowship at Resurrection Beach MCC.... </p>