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November 29, 2015: Sharon B concludes our series on Giving Thanks and gives us her take on I Thessalonians 5:16-18, which calls us to rejoice, pray and be thankful always. Being thankful, she shares that thankfulness is our response to God's grace while being thankless is a dishonor to God. The state of thankfulness is a continuation of our prayer and extends the life of our joy. In a most clever and animated way, she uses the analogy of driving to work when you're late as a metophor for how we can be intentional with our continuous conversations with God.
Duration: 22:30; File Size: 43.2MB

November 22, 2015: Rev. Kathy Scheer visits our pulpit from Unity Fellowship in the Inland Empire on her first day being a Reverand. Through her deeply personal testimony, she reminds us of the many things we are to be thankful for, and that God is not Santa Claus. God does so many wonderful things for us that we don't always see or give credit where it is due. Being mindful and thankful of those things helps us see how God is moving in our lives. NOTE: The first few minutes of this recording were lost due to a technical difficulty during the recording.
Duration: 16:19; File Size: 31.3MB

November 8, 2015: Ron L searches for the meaning of Thanksgiving through wisdom found in I Thessalonians 5:16-18... Rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in all things give thanks. Ron challenges us to live a true Christian life based on these 3 principles, no matter what our circumstances.
Duration: 28:10; File Size: 54.1MB

November 1, 2015: Rev Onetta Brooks comes to us from Founders MCC in Los Angeles and from the Governing Board of the UFMCC. She opens our month of looking at "Giving Thanks" with her sermon based on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22. She reminds us that Paul wasn't one of the original disciples who knew the physical Jesus, but he represents someone we can relate to because he had a transformative experience with the spiritual Jesus. From that revelation, he spread his faith in Christ by how he lived and worked with the people and he showed by example the desire to rejoice, pray and give thanks to God... a testimony that is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. Duration: 21:05; File Size: 40.6MB
Duration: 21:05; File Size: 40.6MB

October 25, 2015: Sharon B comes to the pulpit and building on what Ron preached the week before, shares with us that the seed which we plant for the harvest is our testimony. Our testimony is one of the most important ways God works through us to touch the lives of others and help them grow. She also cautions us not to use the Bible as a weapon and to refrain from passing judgment on others as a means of evangelism. We have to nurture the seeds we've planted, not smother them. And it's equally important to remember that we don't always get to reap what we've planted. God sometimes uses others to cultivate what we've planted.
Duration: 15:37; File Size: 20.5MB

October 11, 2015: Ron L continues this month's theme of Reaping the Harvest by using gardening as a metaphor for how we grow in our spiritual lives. Where we plant our seeds and what types of seeds we plant will determine the outcome of our spiritual harvest. If you want love, for example, Ron suggests you plant forgiveness and understanding. If you want anger, however, plant chaos and lies. This sermon was given with very little reference to notes, meaning the Holy Spirit guided this thought-provoking message.
Duration: 18:57; File Size: 34.8MB

September 27, 2015: Rev. Tory Topjian of Founders MCC in Los Angeles brings us this message. Finding inspiration from Colossians and sharing some of his own journey, Rev. Tory begins with a piece of wisdom, "We learn more and more how God works, when we learn how to do our own work." As we work with God in understanding God's plan and design for us, we share in the making of that design and this realization helps us own the set of blueprints God gives us.
Duration: 18:51; File Size: 34.4MB

September 20, 2015: Ron L brings us a message based on 1 Corinthians 12:4-6. He shows us how each of us is given free gifts from the Holy Spirit. We need to be open to what Holy Spirit is giving us so that we can share it because each of us has something of value that is needed by others. All of us working to serve God together, using our many different gifts ultimately comes together as one great gift. Our purpose is to use God's gifts to share God with others.
Duration: 27:56; File Size: 51.2MB

September 13, 2015: Rev. Barbara Haynes returns to the pulpit at RBMCC where she once served as Pastor, to deliver a message about listening to Jesus to learn the lessons of how to discover all that God designed us to be. She reminds us to look to the story of Jesus as a son of a carpenter and how the folk of His town could not see Him for who He was. It's important to not let others define you, but only be defined by God.
Duration: 26:09; File Size: 48.2MB

August 30, 2015: Our very own Ron L preaches a powerful sermon out of the Book of Judges and relates the story of Samson in the way only Ron can tell it. He challenges us to not look at the Bible as a bunch of rules or old stories but as a living source of inspiration and teaches us some important lessons that we can learn from Samson's exeprience.
Duration: 24:31; File Size: 36.6MB

August 23, 2015: Rev. Roi Hudson-Anaya returns to RBMCC, visiting from New Covenant Palm Springs, and brings a message clarifying the common teaching: "All the promises of God are 'Yes!' and 'Amen!'". He reads from II Corinthians and teaches us that it really says "It's God's Yes and Our Amen!"
Duration: 31:59; File Size: 48.5 MB

August 16, 2015: Andy V finishes his series from Acts chapter 2, 3 & 4. In this sermon, he highlights the importance of Christian community as practiced in the early church and challenges us to model our church after the mission from the early movement of our faith.
Duration: 26:17; File Size: 40.9 MB

August 2, 2015: Andy V teaches from Mark Chapter 6 and Acts chapter 2, 3 & 4. He focuses on the importance of signs and wonders performed by the Apostles as tangible proof of what God can do in peoples' lives, and what those signs and wonders look like today as we take on the ministry of Jesus.
Duration: 24:38; File Size: 38.3 MB

July 26, 2015: Andy V teaches from Acts chapter 2 & 3 and discusses the reasons why ministry is most effective when done in pairs. He teaches that Jesus modeled this and that ministry requires a witness in order to glorify God. The power of testimony, accountability, encouragement and shared experience makes doing ministry in pairs much more effective.
Duration: 26:21; File Size: 40 MB

“A new commandment I give to you is love one another.
All will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.”
- Jesus
(John 13:34-35)